German health handheld showers.

Special toilet hand shower for Bariatric patients.

Adipositive people often have comorbidities (additional diseases) of the musculoskeletal system and must be capable of another person clean the butt. That is always very unpleasant for both sides. It limits massively the privacy and dignity of the affected person.


Adipositive Menschen haben oft Komorbiditäten (zusätzliche Erkrankungen) am Bewegungsapparat und müssen

sich von einer anderen Person den Hintern reinigen lassen. Das ist immer sehr unangenehm für beide Seiten. Es begrenzt ganz massiv die Intimsphäre und die Würde der erkrankten Person. 

 1. Raised toilet seat 10 cm,  2. Bidet handheld shower, 3. Valve handwheel, 4. Shower hose,

 5. Adipositive Person,160 kilos of body weight. In addition, sick knee joints, hip and spine.

    The patient goes mobile with an electric wheelchair. The men used a bidet hand shower is         a model Aquamas. Before using the Aquamas the patient had to after each stool can be             cleaned by a nurse ass with hand and toilet paper. With the Aquamas the patient                         was again separate and independent entity. (Google translate.)


Special toilet hand shower for Obese, Bariatric patients.

Modell: Adipodus B70